Tuesday 2 November 2010

Fultu Bakwaas...Cooker aur Kadhai

When I was cooking my dinner earlier today, I got reminded of a joke that I watched ages ago on Great Indian Laughter Challenge on StarOne. The joke was about a pressure cooker and a fryiing pan.  
Double burner ka choolha
Ek mein rakha that cooker
Aur ek mein kadhai;
Cooker bola kadhai se
Tu tho tavey ki saali hai 
baahar se bhi kaali
aur andar se bhi kaali hai!
Kadhai ne cooker se bola
Re Cooker tu apney gorey rung par itna kyon itraata hai?
Re Cooker tu apney gorey rung par itna kyon itraata hai?
yadi main kaali hoon
Tho mujhe dekhkar seeti kyon bajaata hai???


  1. Ha ha. Good one :D Some of the episodes of Laughter Challenge were real fun :)

  2. haha..so true.and the other reason probably is that cooker is a male and kadhai is a female and thats a normal tendency of a male when they see a female:)

  3. yes Ajay, some of the episodes were great. I liked most of the comedians except that duo...cant remember thier names...Malik I think...This particular joke, if my memory is right, was said by Ehasan Qureshi.

    @ Yash: Spot on.


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