Monday 1 November 2010

Username: **** Password :******

username: *****************
password: *******************
Sorry the information you entered is invalid. Please try again. we go...
username : *****************
password: **********************
Sorry the information you entered is invalid. Please try again.

huh......OK....once more.........
username: *****************
password: **********************
Sorry the information you entered is invalid. Please try again.

username: **************
  Invalid ID or Password. You have been locked out of the system Please contact the system administrator.

Ah! Just what I need on a Monday morning.......

But my memory is not the one to be blamed for. If at all someone or something is to be held responsible, then it is got to be the www world.....a password for safeboot log in, netwrok log in, a password for Orkut, facebook, twitter...a password for blog, Indiblogger, Blogadda, a password for yahoomail, gmail, rediffmail, a password for GMAT online study companion....a password for this, a password for that, a password for anything, a password for everything....

I had written all my passwords on a piece of paper so that I never have difficulty in recollecting them but I kept the piece of paper in a very safe place that now I cannot even remember the place!

I had saved all the zillion passwords that I use, under 'notes' in Microsoft outlook but if I cannot log in to computer, then having the passwords in outlook is no good.

Previously, I used to have one universal password for all the various different log ins but remembering different usernames for different accounts was a that idea failed, what is a best way to remember the passwords then??

Still on the phone waiting for IT guys to fix my password for me...........Apparently all the customer advisors are busy and my call has been placed in a queue...Thank God for the lovely music else it would have been so annoying.


  1. Thanks Lee. That is very kind of you.

  2. Okay, this is the last advice I am giving you today then I am going to quietly walk away from your blog.

    I can't help it, I am a man, we are problem-solvers by nature! :)

    I use a set of passwords and write them down in a file in a code-system that I will never forget and is never written down anywhere. For example, if the password code says "G2006" it means the password is the name of the German city where I used to live in 2006. (Data is only indicative.)

    For passwords that you need to change periodically, I don't do "01", "02", "03" like people do, I go through a pre-determined sequence of passwords which are not related to each other. For example, second password hint could be, "Inc.2001Part1". Means the first word of the name of the US company I used to work for in 2001. US companies have suffix "Inc." so no direct inference from hint to actual password. For sequence, I could go through chronologically like each country I worked in, or city-wise, or alphabetically using each company I have worked for.

    For the ones that'd block your work, you could try writing the hints down in your mobile.
    Usernames are easier. I use a theme based on what the username is for. For example, impersonal things have the username derived from my own company's name and blog and related stuff has usernames derived from my own first and last name. You can write down usernames in short, like first letter or first and last letter or first letter of each word etc. It's important to write down the username because of the uppercase/lowercase issues.

    I hope that helps.

    Okay, I am stopping now.


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