Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai

Well, it's no longer Andar ki Baat Hai, Is it?

Nah, you got that wrong. I am not talking about Rupa but I am talking about sagging jeans.This evening at the traffic light I saw this guy cross the road. His jeans were only slightly above his knees. It had slipped too far from his waist but just enough to show his funky boxers.A lot of guys these days wear those sagging jeans. They think it is cool. But I think it looks hilarious. Have these boys not outgrown the age where their trousers sag?? Then there are some jeans with a faux-boxer band attached to the back of them so it only looks like they're sagging...but not really. Now that is ridiculous. The fad supposedly started in prisons but I think there might have been numerous other reasons behind how this trend originated:

1)      Belts must have failed to serve their purpose
2)      It is time saving as they only need to get the jeans up to their knee length
3)      Perhaps there was shortage of denim materials
4)      Underwears became more fashionable but only Superman is allowed to wear them over his trousers. Rest of them have to wear their jeans around their knees to display their underwears.
5)      Underwears became a medium of advertising. 
Whatever may be the reason behind the trend of sagging jeans, It is no longer andar ki baat hai. Aaj kal yeh baahar ki baat ho gayi hai!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Letting Go................

For the past few weekends I have been on a quest to get rid my house off stuff that I have collected over the years. I have already cleared bags of clothes, shoes, magazines and other household items that no longer are of use to me but were just adding to the clutter in my house. There are still several items that need clearing but the purging gets harder as it gets down to personal items – diaries, cards, presents, soft toys, DVDs etc. In order to make space for new items, I need to make some arrangements: either organise the current stack better or let go some stuff.
This afternoon I wasn’t particularly keen to do the de-cluttering. As I tried to put away the book that was lying on the bed for the past so many days, onto my bookshelf, the stack of books on the topmost rack of the shelf got disturbed and a lot of books toppled down. It was high time I organised the bookshelf ! I have now managed to get rid of some old books and journals, organized the remaining books and I have made space for new books. Currently, the house looks a bit cleaner and spacious and there is room for some new stuff.

The same principle applies to human mind too. There are certain times when the mind gets piled up with worries, disappointments and pain. It can push us to the edge that one more harsh word, a rude comment or disappointment can bring us down completely. Just like how our surroundings need a bit of purging from time to time, sometimes mind also needs some cleaning out. We need to defuse negative energy and let go off anger, unpleasant memories and pain and gather ourselves and welcome positive energy. A calm and clear mind is the key to peace and happiness and it enables us to stay focused on the bigger picture ahead of us.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Look What I Found Today??

Today I found a beautiful post in the blogosphere titled DEAR DIARY. The author of this post is a friend and a co-blogger. Our first interaction was when he commented on one of my posts few months ago. Since then I have been following his blog. His witty style of writing and his taste for Sher aur Shayari has made him one of my favourite bloggers. May I please introduce you to SUNIL GOSWAMI? Sunil started blogging in 2006. He writes about love, life, relationship, reaching targets, TV shows, Movies, Cultural differences, humour and anything that comes to his mind. His daily logs of the biphasic sleep that he records in his blog are an amazing read.  His posts Baba Ke VIP Bhakt and Stop Waiting are a must read. Overall, Sunil's Blog I BLOG, THEREFORE I AM! is a reader's delight. Presenting one of my favourite posts and pictures from Sunil’s blog -

Dear Diary

English is the unofficial official language of India. Therefore it becomes imperative for everyone to learn speaking, reading and writing English as they are growing up. If they want to succeed in business/profession, that is. 

Being fortunate enough to be able to learn it, I have had countless people ask me for my secret or for advice. Among other things I always tell them to write a diary. 

Writing a diary is good because it’s a composition you don’t have to think about and since it’s from you and for you, you don’t have to be too grammatically correct. It makes both interesting writing and reading. For you.

But other than as a language tool also writing a diary is very useful. Many a times we have such a tangled web of thoughts in our mind that we cannot think straight or figure out our life. Life is always a web, never a straight road or even crossroads. In such a situation writing about your thoughts helps you pull the threads apart and examine them one at a time. You can understand their importance, their interrelations and the importance of these interrelations. 

Most of the time out of this self-analysis will emerge a path to solution. But even if there is no solution, or no immediate solution, thinking clearly about it can calm your mind and give you peace for the time being. 

When you write about people, surprisingly enough, you are more tolerant towards them than while thinking. Maybe because of the immortal nature of the written word you don’t want to be spiteful against someone who is not there (unless you are a news reporter), and this mellowed attitude filters back to your thinking.When you put ideas to paper (even virtual paper), you can see them more clearly and judge them more accurately. 

That’s my thinking. What do you think? 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Starting Trouble

Where there is a will, There is a way.
No, I am not attempting to start a scooter but my current situation is not much different to that of the scooter. One of my school friends - Rini, her dad used to have a scooter that always had starting trouble. Rini's dad used to spend at least 15-20 minutes every morning kicking the scooter, shaking the scooter to get it started. Once started, the Bajaj scooter was reliable. The scooter would only start off hard but would get easier later. It would take Rini's father wherever he wanted to go. After all it was Hamara Bajaj - Hamara Kal, Hamara Aaj, Buland Bharath ki Buland Tasveer!

Anyway, getting back to the starting trouble, my current situation is like that of Rini's Dad's scooter. I need a kick or push to get my acts right and start with my preparation for my GMAT exams. I have purchased all the books and study materials and I am all set to enjoy the study ride but I am currently experiencing a starting trouble. The two things that are keeping me from starting my journey are - fear of unknown and my thought that it is going to be hard and whether I will succeed. But this is always the case when we start something new - cycling, driving, swimming etc. Things always start off hard and only get easier along the way. It is all in our minds. Nothing is ever too hard if we are determined to achieve it - Hamara Kal, Hamara Aaj, Buland Mann ki Buland Tasveer!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

''The Pursuit of HappYness''

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
Dance as though no one is watching you.
Love as though you have never been hurt before.
Sing as though no one can hear you.
Live as though heaven is on earth.
                       - Alfred D'Souza
I was speaking to my friend today and during our conversation, she told me that her one year old boy is getting very naughty these days and she cannot wait for him to go to school now. That just reminded me of what my grandfather told me during my recent visit to India. In his 80s when he has fulfilled all his responsibilities and he is just enjoying his time with his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, grandpa says that most of life is about WAITING - waiting to grow up, waiting to go to school, then college, waiting to get into employment, waiting to find love, waiting to have a family and then the whole circle repeats as you wait to watch your childrem grow, wait to watch them go to school…..wait, wait, wait and wait until you reach the final destination.

Grandpa also said that this wait is coupled with hopes for a better future. All through the journey of life we convince ourself that life would be better after every stage. For instance, when you are at school, you think college life is better. Enter college, you think work life is better. You start a job, you think life would be better after a promotion and this goes on and on. 

Despite the wait and hope, we always look back in life and recollect the past days of life fondly. All of us have some moments in life that we want to hold on to and never want to let go off . We are always in the pursuit of happiness. As described by Alfred D’souza, ''There is no way to happiness but happiness is the way. Happiness is a journey and not a destination and therefore we must treasure every moment we have’’.  Rightfully so, afterall, today is the future that we hoped would be a better one yesterday and today  will be the past that we would look back at some day in the future and cherish. In our pursuit of happiness we must understand that there is no better time to be happy than NOW.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Want to know a lil bit more about me??

Hey Dosts,

You may be aware, our coblogger, Hephzibah has been doing a fantastic job by posting the 'getting -to-know' interview series on her blog NRIGIRL where she has been interviewing other cobloggers over the past few days. It has been interesting to know a little bit more about the bloggers she has interviewed so far.

Today she interviewed none other than YOURS TRULY !!!!!

Please visit Hephzibah's page to read my interview and interviews of other cobloggers.

Many Thanks Hephzibah for doing this. It has been a pleasure to meet you and the other bloggers who you have interviewed so far.

Best Wishes
Always Happy

Monday, 14 March 2011

Up And Down The Slide

Sliding off from a height means
You have something to climb back up !

During my walk in the park today, I saw a group of children playing on the slide – sliding down zoom and then running towards the steps at the back of the slide to once again climb to the top and slide down. One particular little boy caught my attention. Every time he came sliding down from the top onto the ground, instead of going back to the top of the slide via the steps at the back of the slide, he would try and climb back up the slide itself. During this, a few times he slipped and fell down but that did not deter him from climbing. He tried and eventually succeeded. Every time he made it to the top, he was overjoyed! Words fail me to describe his happiness throughout.

The little boy’s downward journey along the slide was fast and scary. His upward journey was a struggle but he did not give up. With determination and courage he got there and it was rewarding.

Journey of life has ups and downs too. The downhill journey of life is scary and fast and sometimes tends to blindside us. The uphill journey of life is always a struggle but rewarding in the end. Whatever mountain we are climbing, whatever dreams we are building, we will always face barriers along the way. Whether it is a downhill journey or a  barrier during the uphill journey, failure should not knock us from our path. During tough times, we just need to take a minute to reflect on how uniquely our life experiences have prepared us to make it through both journeys – THE UPS AS WELL AS DOWNS OF LIFE and move on.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

E-Shopping Aur Dhokha

Padhney Waalon, Yeh Yaad Rakho
Kabhi  Kabhi Aisa Bhi Hota Hai -
Dhokha Bhi Hota Hai.
Hum Order Kuch Karthey Hain 
Par Deliver Kuch Aur Hi Hota Hai!

Chand Hafton Pehley Ki Baat Hai,
Ek Haseen Sunday Ki Shaam Thi,
Kar Rahi Main Online Kuch Kaam Thi.
Achaanak Us Par Meri Nazar Padi Thi -
‘Ads from Google’ Par Jo Tea Bag Bani Thi,

Aur Kaphi Interesting Woh Mujhe Lagi Thi.

Kehney Ko Woh Herbal Chaai Thi,
Alag Si Hai Yeh Meri Raai Thi.
Assam Ke Baagon Mein Banthi Thi,
USA Ke Kisi Site Par Bikti Thi.
Alag Alag Flavours Mein Milti Thi,
Forty Dollars Per Tin Uski Price Thi.

Kar Diya Maine Ek Tin Order, Sochkar
Yeh Ki Ab Piyungi Tea Lime & Ginger !
Phir Aaya Woh Fine Din,
Jab Deliver Hua Teabags Ka Tin.
Khola Package Tho Hui Main SHOCKED -
Huve Jo They Saarey Teabags EXPIRED!!!!!!

Likha Maine Company Ko Ek Email Stroppy
Kaise Piyoon Main EXPIRED Tea?
Now Options You Have Only Two –
Send Me Doosra Brand New Pack
OR Just Give Me My Money Back''.

Reply Mein Veh Boley ''We Are Sorry.
We Will Send You New Pack Jaldi''.
Aaj Aaya Hai Naya Pack, Magar
Situation Hai Pehley Se Batthar –
Humein Mila Hai Sirf Empty Tin,
Tea Bags ya Tea Powder Ke BIN !!!!!!!!!!!

Ab Aur Nahi Karna Hai Complain
Aagey Se Sirf Rehna Hai Saavdhaan.
Fake Websites Se Humein Rehna Hai Door,
Nahi Karna Hai E-SHOPPING For Sure.
Kyonki Kabhi Miltha Hai EXPIRED GOOD,
Tho Kabhi Ho Jaatey Hain SIMPLY FOOLED !


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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Knowledge and Wisdom

What is the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom ?

Knowledge is knowing that a saw can cut the branch of the tree.

Wisdom is knowing not to saw off the particular branch that you are sitting on!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Ek Pal Ka Jeena....

....Phir Tho Hai Jaana...
Tohfa Kya Leke Jaaye, Dil Yeh Bataana
Khaali Haath Aaye They Hum
Khaali Haath Jaayenge
Bas Pyaar Ke Do Meethey Bol Jhilmilaayenge
Tho Hans kyonki Duniya Ko Hai Hansaana.... 
I woke up to some very bad news this morning: First, the sudden death of my friend’s father in India. Second, the earthquake in Japan. It was devastating to hear. My heart goes out to my friend and the rest of her family and the thousands and thousands of people in Japan during this difficult time.

News like this though disturbing, serves as a reminder that life is just so unpredictable and we never know what each day will bring.

People who have suffered loss today had no choice. Destiny forced them to let go of their dear ones and all the other material stuff that they would have been endearingly attached to. But there are times when we do have the choice to let somethings go: No argument, anger, jealousy or revenge against any person can ever be worth it if destiny plays its trick and you don’t see that person ever again. Letting go is a kind of bravery.

Each day is a miracle. Let us live it to the fullest. Let us spread smiles, kindness and love. Let us learn to forgive and grab every opportunity to be happy and make others around us happy and make this life worthwhile.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


That’s how I feel at the moment just after a job interview - an INTERNAL interview. It felt very strange to give an interview to people who I work with everyday. Prior to the interview, I thought there is possibly nothing more that I can tell the panel than what they already know about me. But I was wrong. The interview appeared to be the best time for me to demonstrate to the panel what skills and experience I have developed while working with them over the last two years and how I would like to develop it further.

I am not too worried about the outcome as I absolutely love what I currently do. Of course, it will be an added bonus to be successful today and move a step ahead in the career ladder.  But I have nothing to lose if I am unsuccessful today.

When I stepped out of the house this morning, all I had in mind was that I must do my best in both rounds of the  interview and I have managed to achieve that. During my interview prep, it was interesting to analyse what the other external candidates may bring to the position and what unique thing I have to offer to the role. Well, to find answer to that I had to be myself at the interview. After all, who else is responsible for creating my professional reputation other than me!

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