Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hippy Happy Hoppy Day

It comes every year. It passes by every year. It is just like any other day but it is a very special day because you are the centre of attraction on this day and you are spoiled. During your school days, on this day all the girls in your class become your friend. As years progress, and you meet more people and make more friends, on this day every year you get loads of cards, presents, phone calls, text messages, facebook messages. Your near and dear ones plan a surprise party and they utter prayers and good wishes for you. So there are so many good things about this special day but the only not so good thing about this day is that this day spoils your AGE. On this day every year you turn a year older. Not that I am disappointed or afraid of growing old but its just scary to note how time flies and yet there are sooooooooo many things to experience and achieve in life. Despite this and all the ups and downs of life, I absolutely love my life and I love everyone in my life.

Today is my nth birthday. Time has flown by so quickly. But that is life . Time has a very strange way of passing you by. Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days turn into years, years turn into decades. Yet in hindsight it would seem like everything flew by. And amidst this flight of time, we achieve so many things, we experience so many things and we pass some small, some huge milestones. My blog has passed a huge milestone today. Yay to the 100Th post!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. May I take this opportunity to humbly THANK YOU all for stopping by my page awhile, reading my posts and leaving your valuable comments. Your kind words are forever appreciated and your company is cherished as priceless.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Innocence Personified

  • It is cold
  • It is sweeeeeeeeeet
  • It melts and sticks to my hands and mouth
  • I will fall ill and I can stay with YOU (referring to Mother) at home. 
These were the words of a three year old boy that I overheard when I was at the ice cream stall in the shopping mall this afternoon. Oh, what an innocent reasoning! The little boy's mother had to buy him an ice cream after listening to that.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Jab Din Me Neend Aa Jaaye.....

......Tab Raat Ki Neend Ud Jaaye
Yes, when 'some people' spend some part of their day sleeping, then they have trouble falling asleep at night. What do 'such people' do then?
  • To begin with they go to bed way past their usual bedtime and then lie down with their eyes shut tightly.
  • Then they twist and turn and change their positions and also hold a pillow pressing tightly against their face.
  •  Next, they check the time to see how long it has been since they tucked into bed.
  •  Then they decide to watch some Telly but soon they get bored of it.
  •  Then they decide to read some book but as they cannot concentrate, they give up the idea of reading.
  •  Then they decide to browse the Internet for sometime.
  •  Next, they ping some friend in the other part of the world who is online but soon they realise that the friend has got other important things to do. So they leave the chat.
  •  Then they log into facebook and check out their friends' recent photos.
  •  They realise that spending time on facebook is almost like sleeping and therefore decide to spend some more time on facebook by commenting and 'liking' their friends' status messages and updates, that are albeit 10 or 12 hour old.
  •  Then they decide to read some blog  posts during which time they realise that a post is long overdue on their page and therefore decide to write a blog post.
  •  But ideas do not flash them at God earthly hours, so they spend some time staring at the blank page and ultimately end up writing about their sleepless night.
  • Once they publish the post, they realise that it is morning (yay!!) but by then they experience some dizzy spells. So they pick up their phone, select their office telephone number and call in sick!!! After that they retire to bed........

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