Sunday 23 January 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Once a bunch of frogs decided to hold a competition. The goal was to reach the top of a high tower in the centre of town. As the frogs engaged in the competition, a large crowd gathered to watch the race. But no one in the crowd actually believed that the frogs could make it to the top of the tower. As the race began, the crowd began to ridicule the frogs and started shouting things like – ''oh way too difficult, you wont make it, not for you, the tower is too high, give up so on and so forth. The frogs began to fall off, one by one except those who were focused in the race. The crowd continued to ridicule the failed frogs by saying, ''see, we told you, you couldn’t do it''. Listening to this, few other frogs gave up. 

One by one, the frogs began to feel tired and quit except for one tiny frog who continued higher and higher and higher. Eventually, this frog made it to the top of the tower. After the race, all the other frogs gathered around this frog as they wanted to know how he had managed to reach to the top while none of them could. The frog was innundated with questions from all directions and it turned out that the frog was deaf!

I am sure you may have heard or read this story before. Although this story is often narrated as a joke, I think it makes a lot of sense. Towards the path of success we often encounter negativity and lose focus. In such situations, I think one must turn a deaf  ear to negativity and stay focused in one's goal. What say?


  1. Not a bakwaas at all...a lesson to be learnt and endured...glad to read first post of the day
    Thanks :)

  2. sooooo true!!
    I really needed to hear this at this point of time. Thanks! :)

  3. My fav is very inspiring.

  4. Some inspiring words AH.Thanks :)

  5. SO TRUE .. who gives a damn what others think if you work hard and dont stop you will reach the top for sure :)

    I thought u were leaving today on sunday you still here ...


  6. Nice header pic. :)

    Cartoon is so cute. :)

    Nice story with a nice message. :)

    I like the concluding para. :)

  7. Very true...And this is no bakwaas gurl :)

  8. When we were small and our parents used to tell us stories from the Panchtantra and the other children books, they all had a demonstration of a virtue that we would inculcate while growing up.
    Guess, all of them have a message for shaping the future. A message in a pun and metaphor.

    Thank You for re-narrating it.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Reminded me of my stories lessons in school... :)
    Some stories are timeless.... :)

  10. funnily hadn't heard this one ;) but thanks for sharing :)

    why did you titled is a fultu bakwas ? :( it's good!

  11. @Poonam: Thank you.

    @S: Glad you found it useful. Thank you

    @Alka: I like this story too.

    @Yasha: Thank you.

    @Bikram: Ek dum sahi. I am leaving on early thursday morning.

    @Chandrika: Welcome to my blog. Thank you soooooo much. Hope you will revisit my page for my future posts.

    @Sukanya: I realise it is not bakwaas but it is often said as a joke.. :(

    @Anshul: Panchatantra stories were really great- full of moral. It is a pleasure to share such nice stories. Thank you

    @Tan: yes some stories are timeless - panchatantra especially.

    @Nu: Oh good you heard of this story for the first time. I know, I realise now I should not have named it Bakwaas.

    Thanks all. The story was narrated to me as a joke (though I had heard of it long time ago) to me today and that is why I named it Fultu Bakwaas but I thought it was a very inspiring story and hence decided to share it with my blogdosts.

  12. A very inspiring story :)
    Thank you for sharing :)

  13. It's a very nice post - timely and inspiring. No bakwaas at all. Thanks for sharing it. You know sometime back I had been to a talk by Sidhu and he right said - duniya ka sabse bada rog - kya kahenge log. It's so true. People would say anyway, it's us who we should really care about and not them.

  14. @dialoguewith you: Welcome to my blog. Thank you. My pleasure sharing such posts with you.

    @Ajay: My pleasure sharing this story with you. thank you for reading. Sidhu paaji is my favourite. albeit he mugs idioms and proverbs but they are so inspirational always. True logon ka kaam hai kehna.....


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