Sunday, 31 October 2010

tick tock...tick tock....

The clocks changed last night. Glad I got an extra hour to sleep this morning...had a rather lazy weekend.

Where is the day gone??..10pm already!!!!

Looking forward (not) to the Monday morning team meeting at the office.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010

Life this week - Driving!

This week has been a happier and a happening week for me...the first highlight of the week being me driving to work independently. Yay!!!!  Second highlight being me reaching home safely!! yay!!!

The GOODs and BADs of driving:.

GOODs of driving:

* I don’t have to wake up at silly hours like 6am anymore. Office is only 10mins drive from home. So waking up at 7ish should be good for an 8AM start.

* I don't have to spend an hour trying to get to work anymore. I can drive straight from home to work and vice versa unlike the bus that goes all around the city before reaching my destination...not to mention the time I will save from not having to wait at the bus stop anymore.

* I can reach the office punctually at 8am anymore. yay! I owe no more excuses and explanations to anyone for not being at my desk at sharp 8am!

 * I can reach home in 10mins after work....ah! in time for Sasuraal Genda Phool.

BADs of Driving:

* I don't get to do people watching anymore.. :(

* I can't chat with those friends that I used to meet at the bus stop every morning  :(

* No morning walks anymore. I miss the long walk from home to the bus stop :(

Arrey...kuch paaney ke liye kuch khona padtha hai....

hmmm.. .the GOODs of Driving outweigh the I will stick to the driving for next few months.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Leave day !

I have been working non stop for a while now as I have been saving all my annual leaves for my next India trip that is due in Jan - Feb next year. I was beginning to feel tired. So was VV. That is why both of us decided to take the afternoon off work today. We did not have any plans for the afternoon. Yet we truly enjoyed this afternoon. Just summing up what we did this afternoon:

*  Had a nice meal at the Chinese Restaurant in the town while chatting away
*  Did some window shopping while still chatting away
*  Did some actual shopping - bought few clothes, favourite being the cool blue trouser -  I wasnt chatting then as I believe in concentrating while shopping!
*  Walked in the park whilst chatting away
*  Had a nice hot chocolate and the world best bluberry cake at a cafe near my house while chatting away
*  Watched a movie - a very old movie - Wall Street - a good movie
* Simple dinner with some home made Daal, Bhindi curry and rice - heavenly!

Overall, I had a nice relaxed, quiet and peaceful afternoon. Life is good!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Ethnic Long Brown Necklace

The Ethnic long brown necklace – I am not referring to the one that I saw at Accessories  which I liked and wanted to buy, but I am talking about the ethnic long brown necklace that perfectly matched with those brown ear rings that VV bought me as a present.

I vividly remember that ethnic brown necklace. It is still my favourite necklace. It was not the only brown ethnic necklace in Sree Bhavaani Kangan Stores, Bangalore when I bought it. It was displayed along with several other ethnic necklaces, but that was the only ethnic brown necklace that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Every time I wore black or brown kurtis, I would pick that ethnic long brown necklace from my jewel box and wear it.  I felt very nice when I got compliments for that necklace.

I was gutted when the ethnic long brown necklace got entangled with the knob of my kitchen draw and spread all its beads in my kitchen floor. Whenever I wear brown or black kurtis now I think of the ethnic long brown necklace – not the one that I saw at Accesssories and liked and wanted to buy but the Ethnic Long Brown Necklace that is no longer in my jewel box - My favourite Ethnic Long Brown Necklace.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

In Pin Safety Pin In Pin Out......

Sometimes I wish I had a time machine that could take me back to my childhood days especially when it comes to taking decisions, to be precise, when it comes to making the right choices. Back in those days I trusted completely my magic mantra IN PIN SAFETY PIN IN PIN OUT…. It always used to offer solutions when I used to be confused.

Yes, decision making was that simple then. During the hide and seek game, when it was time to select the seeker, ok… No problem…In Pin Safety Pin In Pin Out and lo the seeker was chosen. When it came to deciding between fiction or detective novel to read .... In Pin Safety Pin In Pin Out and the book was chosen! I relied on this mantra even during my college days. I remember using the mantra during Chemistry lecture in college...whether to bunk the class or attend the lecture and fall asleep in the classroom - In Pin Safety Pin In Pin Out...It was amazing how the Mantra always indicated that bunking class was a better thing to do!

Ok should I publish this post now?? IN PIN SAFETY PIN IN PIN OUT.....

Monday, 25 October 2010

.......'' We are an A team'' ...........

Ah! The Monday morning team meeting in my office - my favourite part of the day on all Mondays. This is when the entire team gets together and we discuss the status of the project that we are working on.

The reason I enjoy the meeting is because it is so nice to see so many of my colleagues who pretend to be busy all through the week and yet they produce the same updates over and over again every Monday. As per MV’s updates, her task is at hold (since.... March this year?? if I have got that right). Apparently she has been waiting to hear from the supplier end! With this year coming to an end soon, it will probably be next year that MV will hear from the suppliers.

SR’s short and sweet update every week is that ‘’everything is progressing smoothly’’…what is ‘everything‘if anyone ever bothers to ask? Yes I know about his online shopping .. … yet again he had a showpiece item for his home delivered to his office address last week! Indeed, his work is progressing smoothly.

Anyway, the optimistic project Manager of our team, tries to inspire us all by encouraging us to keep up the good work and says '' we are an A team''.  He must be right. Meet my hardworking colleagues namely:

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

Most of the time Senior Management asks Everybody to do a task who assumes that Somebody would do it. Anybody can do the task but Nobody does it.

On that note, whenever there is an attractive assignment Nobody should be considered for it in the first instance. But Senior Team believes in Equal Opportunities and therefore opens it to Everybody.  Anybody stands a good chance to be considered for the assignment but in the end it is always senior team’s favourite Somebody who is considered for it.

Somebody is not used to working because, like I mentioned earlier, Nobody does the work normally. So when Somebody fails at the task he gets very angry about it and blames Everybody for the failure by saying that it was Everybody’s responsibility to get it right as Everybody is supposed to be an active team player! When blamed, Everybody fights for their corner by saying that keeping the best interests of the project in mind Anybody could have taken the initiative and saved the project.

But during the team meetings every Monday Everybody appears to be doing the most in the office. That’s because Nobody wants to point fingers at Anybody or Somebody so that Everybody is happy at the end of the day . We are indeed an A team, aren’t we??

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Good night

I had a nice relaxing weekend.

Time to go to bed now. It is a clear night and the stars are out. Hope they bring happiness and peace everywhere.

Only 5 hrs and 11 mins until breakfast....Looking forward to the new week.

Good night.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Friday, 22 October 2010

Life this week

This week has been a quiet week yet a good one. Life has been kind to me this week. I am pretty much on top of my workload in the office. Therefore I can put my feet up and relax.

Attended a training workshop in the office this afternoon...arrrrgh........ it was a torture...Thank God it is Friday!!!!

Time for a movie now...which one???? Debating between Bheja Fry and Dasvidaaniyaan.....Bheja tho already pak chuka hai may be I should go for Dasvidaniyaan...for the third time though..........

Thursday, 21 October 2010

When I met Arjun Rampal !!!


It was just another normal autumn morning. I entered the bus to work. The bus was nearly full. I headed towards the only empty seat at the rear side of the bus. A gentleman was sat on the window side of the seat who moved aside to make place for me to sit. I sat by his side and then looked at him to just smile and thank him.....and OMG!! What do I see???? The gentleman was none other than ARJUN RAMPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was gobsmacked!!! I coudnt believe my eyes...jsut kept looking at him...wondering if it was really Arjun Rampal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....OMG !! OMG!!!! It was  indeed AR!!!!! What a morning!! Once in a lifetime kind of thing.......

AR: Hello

ME: uh..He..hello ...Are you...uh...uh...emm.... Arjun Ra..uh...ampal?

AR: ( smiling) yes I am , Thank you for recognising .

Me: ?????????? one who watches bollywood movies will have difficulty in recognising you. Are you really Arjun Rampal??
 [ foolish question, I know....but I still could not believe I was sat next to Arjun of the best looking Indian man...OMG!!]

AR: :)...:).....why don't you believe ?

Me: usually celebrities travel by bus like this.....

AR: why not? are we not normal human beings?

Me: certainly you are normal...but

AR: What's your good name?

Me: I am Always Happy

AR: I am AR.  (Shakes hands with me)..Glad to meet you.

Me: Shakes hands with AR
 (trembling...still couldn't believe my the same time thanking God for this day....for the first time in 5 years I felt good about living in England...cant imagine sitting next to Arjun Rampal in a bus in India.....AR would have been surrounded by millions of fans by now if it was India...AR would not have spoken to me like this....thank u God...thank you)

Me: Where are you going, if I may ask?

AR: Just going to Leicester Square to meet an old friend

Me: Ah..I c. Are you shooting for a film?

AR: Na, I am here on a short holiday.

Me: I see.

Silence.....(I was not sure what to speak. AR is more handsome off screen than on screen.....)

I asked for AR's autograph and then got one of the co passengers to click a photo of me with AR on my mobile phone camera. I wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything.....such things don't happen everyday.

Silence prevails.........



It's 06:45AM Thursday 21 October 2010......Time to get ready to go to the daily grind......oh well!!

THINGS LIKE THIS DO HAPPEN - when you are not awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Did I just hear you say our colleague is handing in her resignation??

One of the best parts of my workplace is that it promotes flexible working. Except on a Monday and a Thursday, when it is compulsory for everyone to come to office, just so that everyone can see everyone and talk to one another, on rest of the days, most of  my colleagues work from home. Among the 40 people in my team, on a day other than a Monday and a Thursday, only 6 people turn up to the office. I am one among them as I don’t like working from home. Because we are such a small number in the office, it is a nice environment as everyone just gets on with their work and lets others get on with their work and you know, the other equally important things such as orkuting, facebooking, tweeting, blogging etc etc!!! It is a quiet and peaceful environment.

That is only until something like today happens….I had lost my internet connection. After initial fiddling up with the PC, soon I realised that the ethernet cable was dislocated. Perhaps, when the cleaners were hoovering the office last night, inadvertently they would have caused the cable to dislocate. I got under my desk to put the cable back in its place. But, because of the numerous other cables there- one for PC mains, speakers, docking station, ete etc ….I did not realise where this particular cable was meant to be connected ….I ended up sitting under the desk trying to locate the right place for this cable and in the process, I dislodged two other cables… now the scene was me sitting under the desk looking puzzled with three cables that needed fixing back, not knowing how to put them back in their right places….It may sound dumb to you…but if you take a look under my office desk you will realise my plight…

Anyway…. finding my chair empty (totally unaware that I was under the desk), my colleagues L and M assumed I must have popped out to answer nature’s call. They decided this was the best time for some office gossip that they didn’t want me to listen….they began talking about our colleague K…what was I supposed to do then? Come out from under my desk and ask them to stop? Make some noise so that they are aware I am present? May be next time I find myself in that situation (mind you, I don’t go and sit under my desk often! but just in case the stupid cable got dislodged again) I think I will put a post on my cubicle saying that I can be found under my desk!! Yeah, right….that won’t make me look crazy!

Finally, I decided to stay under the desk for some more time and let them continue their gossip. Thanks to L and M for filling me in (albeit unknowingly) that K is planning to hand in her resignation as she is not able to cope up with the job pressure! I sympathise with K...she has had a hard time.

After few minutes, L and M decided that it was high time they got back to their desks and did some work. I had no luck in putting the cables back in place. Eventually, I gave up and sneaked back to my chair without letting L and M notice me do that. I got the IT guys to fix my internet connection for me later.

So- if you find your colleague away from his/her desk and you decide that is the appropriate time for some gossip with another colleague - don’t forget, people do work from under the desk (if their cables dislodge) and can hear you!!!!!! HUSH!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dear Bangalore....How I Miss Thee..............

I miss the hustle bustle, the tenseness, the crowd and the eateries. Of course, London has hustle bustle and certain tenseness to it and there are plenty of eateries in London. The heart of London beats with such energy round the clock that the streets are alive with activity till late in the evening. But, I miss those long streets of Bangalore that are filled with small shops, street vendors, heavy traffic....I miss the sight of  jam packed buses with people hanging out from them, happy couple on two wheelers cutting lanes and trying to squeeze through the moving cars and autorickshaws, the angry traffic policeman catching the young students on motorbikes trying to penalise them for violating traffic rules/not wearing helmets.....I miss the crowded eateries such as Coffee day, Sukh Sagar, Anand Bhavan etc...I miss the crowded shopping malls such as Forum, Life Style, Shoppers Stop, Bangalore Central, Fabindia.....above all, I miss my family and friends. In simple words, Bangalore, I miss you  so so so very much. I want to come there right now.

It has been nearly 10 months since I visited my family in Bangalore. Due to work commitments, I know I won’t be returning home for 3-4 months yet. However, knowing that it is not too long now before I get to go to Bangalore, I am excited. I am certainly looking forward to seeing everyone again, eating good food and experiencing the hustle bustle and Bangalore buzz. Oh Bangalore, I cant wait to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Little things in life

When I was a little girl, I had no complaints about my life for I had no idea of what friendship, ambition, purpose of life meant. Neither did I know what life had in store for me when I turn twenty something year old. Today I am 20 something year old and I have plenty of reasons to complain about….my colleague at work is so disruptive and nosy,  my friend lied to me about something….my life is not as good as so and so’s life… so on and so forth. So where did things change? May be I became wise and began to understand life better. But if that was the case, why do I not see good things anymore all around me just like how I used to when I was a little girl? Why do I see only negative things?

This debate has been going on in the back of my mind for the past few days. This morning as I was getting ready to go to work I paused for a minute and asked myself  ‘’what have I been doing about it?’’.  Just identifying that I have problems in life is no good. Then, the next question that came to my mind was ‘’ what can I do about it?’’ For sure, something needs to be done as I cannot keep going like this and make my life miserable.

So, what can I really do to change my non ideal life situation to an ideal one or at least close to an ideal one? I cannot change my colleague’s behaviour for that is how she has been her entire life..I cannot change what my friend said,  it is a history now…the damage has already been done. The only thing I can do is change my perspective of things and the situations and people, perhaps, I should think like a child and divest myself of all negativity and put away all the bad memories.May be I should try and appreciate people much more and understand their point of view.

My life is my own and I must take complete ownership of it without letting anything that anyone said or what anyone did affect me. I have now come up with a new theme for my life – that is to enjoy the little things in life for they come around so much more often than the big things. These little enjoyments in life will give me patience to wait for things that I want but don’t have yet. They will also enable me to maintain as constant or even make better, the things that make me happy now.

Ok, so now its time to jot down few of the things that make me happy and make my life good now:

-       Spending time with family
-       My morning and evening walks
-       Blogging, Reading other favourite blogs
-       Cooking, Trying new recipes
-       Hanging out with my best friends
-       Studying for GMAT

I will still take my life day by day, but now I am better prepared to face the challenges that each day brings, without any fear. Indeed, happiness lies in tiny details and if we don’t see them they become invisible. LIFE IS GOOD.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein

At some point in the various journeys we embark on in our lives, we get to a part where we feel like giving up. Sometimes we give up before we even start and other times we give up just before we are about to make the start for something that we have been working hard for. With patience, perseverance and believing in ourselves, we can achieve our goals. Hardwork always pays rewards.

Each one of us has something special inside us that makes us unique, precious and meaningful individual. This is exactly what the Cadbury ad that DD1 used to air, implied.

Kuchh Khaas Hai Hum Sabhi Mein
Kuchh Baat Hai Hum Sabhi Mein
Baat Hai Khaas Hai
Kuchh Swaad Hai
Kya Swaad Hai Zindagi Mein

I just loved the ad so much. It was so inspiring and at the same time lot of fun to watch.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Friday, 15 October 2010

Life this week

Life this week has been excellent:

1) Very happy to hear the arrival of my nephew to this world...the lil wonder!

2) Helped work colleague with her assignment. I was fairly jobless and wanted to pretend to be busy. Hush!

3) Cooked a big fat south Indian breakfast - Idli, Sambhar and chutney for my best friend and talked my heart out.

4) Watched my favourite tele serial Sasuraal Genda Phool. Caught up with episodes from whole of last week. Pretty much on top of whats happening in Kashyap family now.

5) Week ended with a dinner with two of my girly friends at one of my favourite restaurants. Glad to hear SD is enjoying her married life. It was also good to listen to AP swoon over her work colleague.( love is in the air!!!)

Overall, a fairly normal and fun filled week. Hope you had a good one too.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Love grows sweeter with age

This morning I was on the bus to work. An old couple got into the bus few stops later.  With the walking stick on his right hand, the woman’s hand clutched to his left hand, firmly, yet so gently, the man led the woman to the priority seat in the bus. He helped her sit and then sat next to her. I couldn’t help watch the couple.  My guess is they were in their late 70s. The best part was once they were comfortably seated, the woman gently placed her hand on the man’s forearm and the man looked into the woman’s eyes and they exchanged a smile. The two of them looked so good together. The couple just travelled silently gazing outside the window. Any time the bus jerked, the man would just look into woman’s eye and ask her in silence if she was ok. In return the lady would just nod her head in approval. Shortly, they arrived at their destination.  Once again, with the walking stick on his right hand, woman’s hand clutched to his left hand, firmly, yet so gently, the man helped the woman alight from the bus and together they started walking towards the grocery shop. The bus moved on. I stretched my neck and kept looking as the old couple walked hand in hand until they were out of sight.

Lost in their own sweet world, the couple displayed timeless generous love and a lifetime of togetherness.

The old couple reminded me of a hindi poem that I read ages ago. I am sorry I can only remember the poem and not the name of the person who wrote it. It goes like this:

Aye mere pyaarey humraahi
Badi door se hum tum dono
Sung chalein hain path par aisey
Gaadi ke do pahiye jaise.

Kahi path ko paaya samthal
Kahi kahi par oobad khaabad
Anugrah prabhu ka itna tha
Ki gaadi chalti rahi baraabar

Kabhi hansi thi, kilkaari thi
Kabhi dard peeda bhari thi
Kabhi Kabhi they bheed jhameley
Kabhi Moun tha, Kabhi lachaari thi.

Rukey nahi path par phir bhi humtum
Liye aastha mann mein hurdum
Pagh drudhthar hotey jaatey hain
Path par jo badhthey jaatey hain

Ithna hai vishwaas priye ki
Baadal yeh bhi hat jaayega
Safar bohat lamba hai lekin
Sung tumharey kat jaayega.

Isnt love a symbol of eternity that grows sweeter with age? It bestows resilience upon mature couples that sees them through all ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad times and provides strength to keep marching hand in hand.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It's time for a change

I am always on the look out for change when it comes to my job and I quite like the process of job hunting and applying for new jobs. For the life of me, I don’t get how people can stick to same job for 5 years, 7 years, 10 years or even more! For the last three years, I have been working at the same organisation but I have moved two departments within this span of time. But hey, that doesn’t mean I am not a reliable employee…it just means that I like to try new roles, develop myself all the time and mind you, it has not been too bad. To be fair, I start every new job with a great zeal of enthusiasm and interest. It is only after a period of time ( usually after a year) that I feel the need for a change. Yet, as long as I am doing a job, I try and do a good job.

In the ideal world, I would have liked to not work at all…any day freedom, flexibility to do what I want, go where I like is,  by clear miles, satisfactory than the salary figures on the payslip! That is only until the bills knock the door at the end of each month! This is the only reason that I go back to the grind every morning.

The economic recession, recruitment freeze, layoffs that are in news stories these days have forced me to stick to my current job.

Perhaps someday I will find myself doing a job for over 10 years, but,  for now I think it’s time for a change!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

People Watching

The act of watching people and their interactions - people watching is one of my good old casual hobbies.Yes,it is a hobby that I have been pursuing since my childhood .......particularly on my way back home at the end of each day .....I have always been interested in watching the way people act, dress, talk, walk, laugh etc...basically trying to understand chaal chalan of people. It is a great form of free entertainment, a source of inspiration and most importantly since the time I have been bitten by the blog bug, it has been a creativity wakener too.

Things that I have learnt from watching characters that I run into on a dialy basis- at bus stop, coffee shop, park, shopping mall, offiice and anywhere and everywhere is endless.... there is no dearth of people, is there? The other interesting thing I sometimes find during people watching is, other people watchers! Some of them probably dont even realise they are people watching until they see something that brings a smile on their face.

Fiction and art imitates life most of the time. In my case, stuff that I learn by watching people or overhearing their casual conversations most of  the time surpasses what I would possibly ever imagine. Someday,  I shall endeavour to post here, from my memory some of the strange, interesting, funny, cool indivduals I ever saw or some of the memorable conversations that I have ever heard during people watching.

Paying attention to surroundings can be a fun filled activity,  a great form of relaxation and above all a great learning experience.

Monday, 11 October 2010


It is this day that I am living
It is called 'TODAY'
A cloud of sorrow came my way yesterday
But soon yesterday was gone and here it is
a new day TODAY
There may be thorns in my path tomorrow
but Hey, Aint it fine TODAY?

Each day bears its own gift. That is why it is rightly said, yesterday is gone, tomorrow never comes, TODAY is a gift and so it is called present!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thank you Amma

Today I was missing Amma (that is how I call my Mum). I live far away from where Amma lives and I get to see her only once every year. When I was going for my walk today I got reminded of this cute dialogue that took place between me and Amma few months ago:

I had a BIG job interview to attend few months ago... big as in it was a more responsible job than what I was doing then.. not to forget the better salary that it provided...I wanted to give my 100% in preparing for the interview that I decided to take a day off from the job that I was doing then. I was too nervous about this powerpoint presentation which I had to make as part of the interview....I decided to call Amma because I knew she was the only person who could comfort me that day. This is how it goes........

TRRRRRRRRRING TRRRRRRRRRRRRING . (p.s. that is how overseas calls sound at my parents house....looooooong ring)

Amma: Hello

Me: Hello Amma....its me!

AmmaAh! I knew it was your call...( Amma always says this when I call on their landline)

Amma: What's the matter? You dont sound your ususal self .

Me: thinking [thank God, I dont have to listen to what her next door neighbour (who is the subject of our conversation usually) is upto today....] Amma, I am nervous about the interview tomorrow.

Amma: oh that BIG interview?

Me: yes Amma

Amma: but why are you nervous? ( Amma sounded as if I was just going for a casual meeting and being nervous was unusal!)

Me: Amma, dont you remember I have to make a powerpoint presentation....interview panel is composed of director of the department?

Amma: yeah...thats why I am wondering why are you nervous?

Me: ????????? ( thinking)

Amma: Remember? the speech that you made when in school? You were so good...audiences applauded too!!

Me: Amma...this is a job interview presentation.....

Amma: I know beta...thats what I am trying to are so good at making presentations that you will fare well at the interview tomorrow....when you told me last week that you have to make a presentation as part of the interview, I knew you woud get the job.

Me: Really? Do you think I can do it?

Amma: Of course, you can!!!

Me: Ok, Amma, let me now get back to my interview prep...will call you tomorrow...
Amma: Ok beta...All the best.

Me: Bye.

Indeed, talking to Amma helped. I got back to interview prep but I did not stress too much about it...Amma thinks I will get the job...why stress?

Anyway, I wnet for the interview next day and did my best but I was not successful. I was disappointed...once again I decided to speak to Amma as I needed her to comfort me...this is how the conversation goes............


Amma: Hello

Me: Amma, its me..

Amma: How did it go?

Me: No Amma, I wasnt successful

Amma: I gathered that from your voice tone.....but I know you were the best candidate for the interview...the project is at loss as you have not beein appointed as the Project Manager.....your presentation could not go wrong at all!!

Me: Ammaa,,,aarrrgh

Amma: That is the truth were very very good at the should take confidence from that...
and then the conversation continues about the usual subjects of our conversation....neighbours, Amma's cousins etc etc....

Though I was disappointed that I did not get the job I interviewed for, I felt soooooooooo relieved after talking to Amma as forever she thinks I am the best and there is  nothing I cant do. Amma's faith in me always boosts my confidence and keeps me going.

Thank you Amma for loving me soooooo........much. When I was a little girl, you stood ahead of me to show me right path of life, when I was a teenager you stood behind me to lend me support, now that I am an adult you are there beside me like my best friend. I know you will be there for me ever. I may have outgrown your lap but will never outgrow your heart. Thank you and love you so very much Amma.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

About Me

There is a lot that goes on in my immature mind all the time that simply needs a medium of expression, other than my constant rambling, ofcourse, with people around me!  I need a platform that welcomes my ideas, thoughts, opinions and frustrations. This is what this blog is for and this is why it is called Dil ki Baat, Blog ke Saath.

Among the billions and zillions of things that go on in mind, one of the things was the idea to create a blog. I created a blog sometime last year but did not get anywhere beyond choosing a blog title and designing the blog. Doing that was fun but when I got to the point of creating my first post, I was in a major dilemma.......Dimaag mein hazaaron baatein chal rahi thi magar unhey kaise bayaan karu, kuch samjah nahi aa raha tha......blogging never went ahead and bas dil ke pannon mein hi daastan likhthi gayi.....once again the idea of creating a blog crossed my mind today. Hopefully, this time round, this blog will grow from post to posts.

ok, so here it first post! is entirely about me and is called about me!...but hang on, who am I?....Gosh! this is such a hard question.....who am I? Is there a certain answer to this question? How can there be a concrete answer? Am I the same person today as I was 20 something years ago? well, the answer to this question is both yes and no...yes, because I am still the same immature, less sensible girl that I was back in those days...and no because I have now developed new tastes, I possess new ideas, new dreams, hopes and aspirations today. I have met so many new people and with all my life experiences, I have evolved into a different person...surely, I will be a different person tomorrow than what I am isnt the question who am I a tricky one to answer?

Coming back to the purpose of this blog....

Mujhey likhni nahi hai kahaniyaan, naa hi likhney hai kissay
Bas mujhey karni hai mere dil se nikli hui baateiin-

Welcome to my blog world. Hope you will stay with me throughout my journey of blogging.
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