Monday, 28 February 2011

Offo! Kaali Billi Raasta Kaat Gayi!

ab kya hoga?
Whilst driving to work this morning, as I pulled off my drive way onto the street, a black cat crossed my path. Generally, I am not superstitious but this was the first time ever that a black cat had crossed my path at the start of the day.  Immediately, I wondered if something wrong was going to happen today? I slowed the car and took a second look at the cat to find out if (read hoping that)  it had any specks of white colour on its paws or coat. But none.. it was a pure BLACK CAT.

I did not have enough time to take a turn and drive back home and then re start my journey . There was no other side street there either. I had no choice but to continue with my journey. During the rest of my journey, I kept thinking if something wrong was going to happen to me today. Even in the office,  I carefully watched each and everything that I did/happened around me. To my surprise, everything went well till the close of play. Of course, I was pleased about that. But it only meant that I was going to be nervous during my journey  back home fearing that something wrong might happen then.

As I left the office premises,  I began to drive extra cautiously so as to try my best to fight the bad luck that the black cat was going to bring on me. In this attempt, I took a weird turn into a road and Thuddddddddddddddddddddd -  banged the front left wheel sharply onto the kerb. First thing that came to my mind then was – the BLACK CAT!. I restarted the engine and moved on feeling relieved that entire day the bad thing that I was fearing might happen had now happened and everything was going to be fine thereafter. I drove home safely.

On second thoughts, a lot worse could have happened. I could have crashed into the shops by the side of the road or onto an oncoming vehicle or onto a pedestrian even. Perhaps, the Black Cat brought me some good luck then and prevented such accidents from happening???Anyway, in some of the European countries, having a Black cat cross your path is considered a good omen.

Well, I think it is all in the mind. A Black cat is a black cat. That is all. It has no special power to curse someone to have a bad day or to bless someone to have a good day. If you believe that something good is going to happen to you then the positive frame of mind is going to help you appreciate everything around you. On the other hand, if you are in a negative state of mind, like how I was today, then you are bound to do something wrong. Why blame it on the poor cat? Entire day today, I had been thinking that something wrong was going to happen which influenced my driving and so crashing into the kerb was bound to happen.

OK. So, what does a black cat crossing your path mean then? Well, it simply means that the cat is going to other side of the road!!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Fultu Bakwaas - Kaha Gaya Mera Internet Connection?

Pahunchi ghar jab after work
Socha kar lu e-mail check
Kiya Mozilla par ek click
Par usney kiya kuch aur hi trick
Jaise ho gayi ho ab uski age
Waise nikla ek error message.

Ek aur click se kiya page ko refresh
Par hua na issey koi fayda
Kharab jo tha woh bakaayda 
Dobara ho gaya tai tai fish.

Saarey wires ko phir kiya check
Shayad tab ho jaaye woh theek?
Ek nazar ghumaaya bechaarey modem par
Jal-bujh raha tha woh dar darkar.

Uthaaya phone aur ghumaaya number
Hua vohi jo hota hai na aksar
Baja music aur mila answer -
''Thank you for calling. Please hold 
for next available advisor''.

Anth mein aayi ek aawaaz -
''Sorry to keep you waiting.
How can I help you?''
Farmaaya maine apna complaint
Suna usney just like a saint.

Bola phir voh ''Sorry Ma'm''
Chal raha hai yaha kuch kaam
Asuvidha ke liye khed hai
Bohat jald theek honey ki ummeed hai!!

Beet chukey hain ab bahatthar ghantey
Internet ka koi naam aur nishaan nahi
Voh Kehtey  hain aap hona pareshaan nahi
Jald kar dengey hum sab sahi sahi!!

Filhaal tho hu main at work
Socha kar lu email check
Lagey haathon likha yeh post
Signing off...
You have a good weekend Dost.

Since Last Three Days.............

I have been feeling a bit lost in the evenings after work.

I have been spending atleast a good 25 minutes clinging my phone to my ears and waiting patiently (?) to get through to a voice that asks me ‘how can I help you? '   

I have been watching a lot more of television than usual.

I have been working on a blog post and yet I have not been able to complete it. 

Each morning I have been hoping that I don’t have much to do in the office so that I can catch up with my personal work in the World Wide Web including blogging, from the office.

Last but not least, Since last three days...I HAVE LOST SOMETHING SPECIAL - My internet connection at home due to some major maintenance work going on in my locality. 

Monday, 21 February 2011

Teh Dil Se Shukriya

Two of my Blogdosts namely THE SILHOUETTE and ANULAL gave me the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD. Thank you sooooo much dosts.

I understand, there are few duties to perform after receiving the award: 

1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award 

Once again, Thank you sooooo much The Silhouette and Anu. I really appreciate it. 

2) Share 7 things about yourself 

- I love to talk a lot. More often than not, this attribute has benefited me in winning new friends readily and retaining my old friends. But on few occasions this attribute has got me into trouble too especially when I could not keep quiet in the lecture halls during my college days.

- I am a good listener. I do not mind the title of ‘agony aunt’ given to me by friends and colleagues. It helps me understand my near and dear ones better. Sometimes ( mind you, inadvertently though) I overhear others’ conversations too !

- I can never narrate a movie story in a nutshell. If I have to narrate a movie story or a soap episode or any events from personal experience to someone, it almost takes me as long as the entire duration of the movie or the serial or the incident itself.

- I am ever smiling but I shed buckets of tears when someone I know bids farewell and vice versa. I also cry when I watch Senti movies.

- I like to laugh a lot and can laugh heartily at some of the Santha Bantha jokes, Haathi Cheenti jokes and Rajanikanth Jokes. But I do not laugh at jokes that Archana Puran Singh finds funny.

- I love to dress in Ethnic Indian clothes. Soch , Rangmanch, Westside (ethnic) and FabIndia are my favourites. I like wearing ethnic jewelleries too.

- I have a very positive outlook for life. I like to put on a brave face and move on even when things go wrong hoping that future will look brighter.

3) Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers and inform them of the award

Now this is where I would like to slightly modify the rules of the award. I am not going to pick just few great bloggers because I believe all my blogdosts are great bloggers in their own different ways. I thoroughly enjoy reading their blogs. Each one of my blogdosts, show their personalities through their blogs and it is as nice to read their blog posts as much as to know them. All my blogdosts are hugely talented and it has been great to know them through their blogs. They play a special role in my life. MANY MANY THANKS to all my blogdosts for making my little world so wonderful.

On that note, I would also like to extend my HEARTFELT THANKS to some of you blogdosts who do not blog but read our blogs and leave your valuable comments. I would like to say, your comments inspire us bloggers to bring out better posts. 

Continuing the list of THANK YOUs, I would like to say A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Dr PRATIBHA for mentioning me at BLOGJUNTA. Much Appreciated! Pratibha is a very talented blogger who blogs here at PRATIBHA THE TALENT.

To conclude this post I am sending a warm hug to all of you who read my posts, all of you who read my posts and leave your comments, all of you whose posts I enjoy reading.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Waqt ko Roko...

Jadoo Yaha Aisa Chal Jaaye...
Yeh Waqt Yehi Aaj Ruk Jaaye...

After three weeks of great time in India with my family, here I am packing my bags (with Amma's help) today to return to England tomorrow. This has been a great trip. I am done with visiting all friends and relatives, clothes shopping, DVD and Book Shopping, Food shopping.

Amma is packing papads, achaars, sambar powder, rasam powder, pedas, laddoos etc....She has already packed two bottles of Ayurvedic Medicines that will apparently help me gain some weight!!!!!!!!!! Amma, doesnt understand my strategy of weightloss. I was quite proud of my slim look three weeks ago but Amma thought I work far too hard and dont look after myself well. She has worked hard to feed me with tons of sweets and is now satisfied with my chubby look.

And here I am only wishing the time stopped here and tomorrow never came so that I dont have to go back to England again.

I have had best time of my life in the last three weeks. I will share with you all some of the pics and incidents in my forthcoming posts. Big thank you to you blogdosts for checking in my site regularly and dropping me lines/emails. I will respond to you personally at my earliest opportunity. Also, a warm welcome to all the new visitors and followers. Last but not least, big thank you to the blogdosts who have awarded me the stylish blog award. I will do the needful at my next best opportunity.

Chalo, then, let me go and help Amma to do the packing .....:( :( :(

I will write new posts once I reach England and settle in well.

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