Tuesday 9 November 2010

Sardi , Zukaam aur Lakshya


Streaming cold, sore throat and slight temperature - that pretty much describes my situation since last two days. Normally, I try and battle with the cold monster by taking medications promptly but this time around I fancy some time off work...I havent been taking any medications so as to prolong the recovery ..I know it is bit naughty but hey, hey I have been going to work....only to be sent back home by my concerned colleagues. It's not so bad then, is it?

Nicely tucked into bed I have been blogging, reading other blogs and watching movies.

Last night I watched Farhan Akhtar's LAKSHYA. The happy-go-lucky dude Karan Shergil (Hrithik) has a laid back attitude towards life until that one impulse moment when he decides to prove his Dad wrong and decides to join the Indian Army. Karan's life changes forever. His only Lakshya then is to free the land of Kargil from intruders. Karan succeeds in the end. Like most other films, this movie had a happy ending too. Ok nice.

But the movie has left me wondering - What is my LAKSHYA? I have been aiming for an MBA from a good business school for sometime now but I havent been preparing seriously for the GMAT. May be its time I got back to my books and put in some good efforts. Like VV says ''do your best, do not worry about the results''. Ok, I shall get started from today.

Chalo kuch tho faayda hua is sardi, zukaam, office se chutti aur Lakshya movie ka ...


  1. All said and done Hrithik is a good actor (and dancer), his dad is a fairly good director (as per Indian standards - but a lousy actor) and his uncle (Rajesh) has given some really good music (remember Julie ?)
    But then his grandfather Roshan has some real good numbers to his credit from yester years.

  2. I agree with you Joe. I liked Lakshya, koi mil gaya and few other movies of Hrithik EXCEPT KITES...kites was rubbish na..did you watch it?

  3. Sardi zukaam ke itne fayde! :) and Lakshya is a good movie. Good that it motivated you. All the best for your GMAT. Do well :)

  4. Thank you Ajay.I need your best wishes for GMAT. Hard exam to crack...

  5. Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai???Kuch lete kyun nahi??I mean BREAK ;)Get well soon anyway.

  6. Thanks Yasha. I am feeing better now.

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