Monday 20 December 2010

Ab kuch khaaney ki baat ho jaaye?


For step by step visual recipe visit GINGER CHAI .


  1. looks yum and I'm sure it tastes yummy too :) drool

  2. oh! this is great!
    and i have been good. just eating and enjoying the vacations so this post of yours is helpful :P

    and you can check my other blog too. though its not a proper food blog since i don't cook but yes i try to review few places that i have been too

    take care and enjoys the hols!

  3. Ohhhhh AH I so love Pomfret.Tandoori pomfrets..yummyyyy...but I don't eat non-veg on mondays.:(

  4. @ Nu: It tastes nice too. I am so hungry looking at the pic now.

    @Pauami:Good you are having a great time. Sure sure..I will check your food blog and leave comments there.

    @Anu: This is a speciality of Kerala right? avoli porichathu? or karimeen porichathu?? Is that why you leave no comments?? :):)

    @Yasha: I love it as well...oh this really makes me hungry...I need to grab some food rt now. Oh you dont eat non veg on mondays? I dont eat non veg on fridays:(

  5. How do you know so much about Kerala? i thought you are from UK.

    And the cooking is beyond comments, to tell you the truth;)

  6. Anu, KERALA is GOD's OWN COUNTRY and kerala food is HEAVENLY. I am very passionate about cooking and a big time Foodie too and thus I know a 'lil' bit about cuisines from different regions of India.

    I have been living in the UK only for the past few years.

    Thanks for the comment now :):)

  7. Lai the tile says Khane ki baat ho jaye.. KHILAYA to hai nahin aapne ....

    and the FISH Loook yummmy wowowow I want i want i want ......

    You are in uk and me too.. You can get a standard next day delivery and its so cold it wont go bad .. so SENDdddddddddddddddddddddd


  8. Hey Bikram, Is snow or icy condition or transport disruption mein if I send you the fishes, you will probably receive them only next year!

  9. ...droooooooooooooooooooooooool...

  10. No no no ICY conditions are good .. nicely frozen it wont go bad....

    and next year s also not that far 10 days left and its there :)

  11. :)...right! I need to send the fish fry your way now.

    just made it home safely without falling (though I slipped) on the road today.high time we had some fine weather na?

  12. yes the roads are icy and bad ... I have already been off sick for 2 weeks , with a bad landing.. so not a good time
    they are saying its gonna be more snow tonight :)

    hey maybe a white christams this timeeee

  13. oh..have you been off sick for two weeks? feeling better now? Haan, news channel is full of snow news these days. Some areas will definitely celebrate a white christmas.

    I am on leave form tomorrow. Looking forward to my break.

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you and your family

    Warm regards
    Always Happy


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